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What Is Gui?


Natural-language interfaces are perhaps the dream and ideal of inexperienced users, because they permit them to interact with the computer in their everyday, or natural, language. No special skills are required of the user, who interfaces with the computer using natural language. Many windows can be open at the same time but only one window can be active at any one time. When building a CLI, keep in mind your target audience – those who have some experience working with the console. Members of the target audience include programmers, system administrators, and regular users of Unix-based systems. A Command Line Interface is a text-based user interface for interacting with PC on a low abstraction level.

The Importance of User Interfaces in IT Infrastructure Management – Gigaom

The Importance of User Interfaces in IT Infrastructure Management.

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Otherwise, the UX will suffer, and you will force your users to click through all the menu items to find the right one. The menu-driven interface employs a series of screens, or “menus”.

When a user makes a selection by tapping/clicking on the list format or graphics, it takes them to the next menu screen until they complete the desired outcome. It should work quickly and consistently, take up an adequate amount of system resources, have predominantly understandable elements to inexperienced users, and meet a number of other requirements. It should have an extensive manual dedicated to the program’s functions, such as which menu item leads where. A recent innovation in user-interfaces is the gesture-driven interface. This is an interface which is controlled by a human making physical gestures which are then detected by the computer.

graphical user interface types

Generally, this type of menu is not intended for the average user. It is mostly used when working with cloud services or carrying out system administrators’responsibilities. The menu interface should be well-thought-out so that you can understand what the titles will lead to.

graphical user interface types

The designer must also adhere to conventions that users now expect to encounter on Web sites. Command languages require memorization of syntax rules that may prove to be obstacles for inexperienced users. Experienced users tend to prefer command languages, possibly because of their faster completion time. Command-language interfaces.The command language has no inherent meaning for the user, and that fact makes it dissimilar to the other interfaces discussed so far.

Command languages manipulate the computer as a tool by allowing the user to control the dialog. Command language affords the user more overall flexibility and control. When the user employs command language, the command is executed by the system immediately. A pull-down menu for Part No. automatically enters a Description and Unit Price for the item. When the user tabs to the Quantity field and enters the number of items being purchased, the software automatically calculates the Extended Price by multiplying Quantity by Unit Price.

1 Design Of User Interface

  • However, windows, icons, menus, pointer interfaces present users with many widgets that represent and can trigger some of the system’s available commands.
  • Continuous feedback on the manipulated object means that changes or reversals in operations can be made quickly, without incurring error messages.
  • The key to graphical user interfaces is the constant feedback on task accomplishment that they provide to users.
  • In today’s times, graphical user interfaces are used in many devices such as mobiles, MP3 players, gaming devices, smartphones etc.
  • GUIs were introduced in reaction to the perceived steep learning curve of command-line interfaces , which require commands to be typed on a computer keyboard.

They have been a success because they integrate many functions and are easy to use. Additionally, they are portable and sell for a comparatively low price. Data entry is also facilitated with a docking cradle so that data can be synchronized with your PC. The creation of GUIs poses a challenge, because an appropriate model of reality or an acceptable conceptual model of the representation must be invented. Designing GUIs for use on intranets, extranets, and on the Web requires even more careful planning. Most users of Web sites are unknown to the developer, so design must be clear-cut. The choice of icons, language, and hyperlinks becomes an entire set of decisions and assumptions about what kinds of users the Web site is hoping to attract.

graphical user interface types

Comparison To Other Interfaces

Rather, by incorporating a dialog box, the programmer has included an easy-to-use interface within a more complicated one. Natural-language interfaces.The subtleties and irregularities residing in the ambiguities of English produce an extremely exacting and complex programming problem. Attempts at natural-language interfacing for particular applications in which any other type of interface is infeasible are meeting with some success; however, these interfaces are typically expensive. Implementation problems and extraordinary demand on computing resources have so far kept natural-language interfaces to a minimum. The demand exists, though, and many programmers and researchers are working diligently on such interfaces. It is a growth area, and it therefore merits continued monitoring.

WHAT IS interface and why it is used?

Why do we use interface ? It is used to achieve total abstraction. Since java does not support multiple inheritance in case of class, but by using interface it can achieve multiple inheritance . It is also used to achieve loose coupling.

Natural Language User Interfaces

They may prefer to use a single-line command entry to speed things up. Other users might use the shortcut abbreviations or key combinations such as Alt . P  C, which inserts a picture that is clip art in a Microsoft Office document. A type of question-and-answer interface called a dialog box is shown in the figure shown below. A dialog box acts as a question-and-answer interface within another application, in this case a PERT chart for a systems analysis project for the Bakerloo Brothers. Notice that the rounded rectangle for “Yes” is highlighted, indicating that it is the most likely answer for this situation. The main interface for this application need not necessarily be question and answer.

The idea was discussed at the TED conference by Pranav Mistry who invented the Sixth Sense device. This uses cameras to detect human motion which it uses to determine what the user wants to do.Other examples include the increasing use on touch-screen devices of gestures such as ‘pinching’ to zoom in and out. Some games consoles are starting to use gesture driven interfaces. The Wii was the first such console which used a hand-held controller to detect gestures. More recently the Xbox introduced a system similar to SixthSense which uses a camera to detect motion.