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The last part – listeners return to the event loop as fast as possible – is very important, because it preserves the responsiveness of the user interface. Views can have input handlers, and the view tree controls how mouse and keyboard input is processed. When designing GUI, one need to keep the objectives of the GUI in mind and to generally avoid needless complexity .One must avoid useless innovation and concentrate on improvements that enhance performance. Future trends in GUI are toward voice recognition and hypertext format language . The hypertext trend allows the user to move directly from data and concepts in one application to similar data and concepts in other application. These trends will further remove the GUI as an obstacle between the user and the task.

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The ultimate guide to ERP.

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The view tree organizes the screen into a tree of nested rectangles, and it is used in dispatching input events as well as displaying output. This happens because input handling and screen repainting is all handled from a single thread. That thread (called the event-dispatch thread) has a loop that reads an input event from the queue and dispatches it to listeners on the view tree. When there are no input events left to process, it repaints the screen. The figure at right shows Java Swing’s text field, called JTextField. The view is an object that draws the text on the screen (usually with a rectangle around it to indicate that it’s an editable text field).

  • The widgets of a well-designed interface are selected to support the actions necessary to achieve the goals of users.
  • Large widgets, such as windows, usually provide a frame or container for the main presentation content such as a web page, email message, or drawing.
  • Typically, users interact with information by manipulating visual widgets that allow for interactions appropriate to the kind of data they hold.
  • This allows users to select or design a different skin at will, and eases the designer’s work to change the interface as user needs evolve.
  • A model–view–controller allows flexible structures in which the interface is independent of and indirectly linked to application functions, so the GUI can be customized easily.

The primary goal of a GUI is to allow the user to concentrate on the task at hand. To do this, the GUI must make the interface between the human and the computer seamless. Modern GUIs adhere to one of three de facto standards, which are the Apple Macintosh, the IBM SAA, and the MIT X-Windowing System. These standards are not perfect, but they are good enough to preclude major deviation. Future GUI will probably utilize one or more of these standards unless major performance enhancements result. Utilizing key psychological factors, GUI designers can achieve a seamless computer human interface.

Dependence On The Tools

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Navigational components enable users to move from place to place within the interface. Examples include breadcrumbs, sliders, search boxes, pagination, and tags. They arrange the commands available in an application into logical groups. Windows can be moved, resized, and placed in front of each other.

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The top-down approach also allows for the development of emergent features. An emergent feature is a global property of a set that is not evident when one views each item locally. Since global processing tends to be automatic, one can argue that an emerged feature reduces the attention demand as a user operates a multi-element display. For this performance enhancement, one must use the Gestalt Principle in the initial placement, and the resulting organization must be compatible with the user’s cognitive view of the task .

Difference Between Character User Interface And Graphical User Interface

The controller is an object that receives keystrokes typed by the user and inserts them into the mutable string. We’ve seen how GUI programs are structured around a view tree, and how input events are handled by attaching listeners to views. This is the start of a separation of concerns – output handled by views, and input handled by listeners.

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