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What Is A Graphical User Interface


In above example, if we have to do GUI testing we first check that the images should be completely visible in different browsers. After you’ve created all your bitmap images, click on the Graphics Converter icon in the Mosaic IDE, and the images are transformed into a download file that puts the graphics in the flash memory of your controller.

Example Gui Testing Test Cases

What did GUI replace?

Best known for its implementation in Apple Inc.’s Macintosh and Microsoft Corporation’s Windows operating system, the GUI has replaced the arcane and difficult textual interfaces of earlier computing with a relatively intuitive system that has made computer operation not only easier to learn but more pleasant and

Scroll bars are on the right and bottom for vertical and horizontal window movement. The Apple Macintosh, the IBM SAA, and X-Windowing System are the paradigms for all modern GUI. Because of their influence in the standardization of today’s GUI design, a brief description of the major features of each standard is necessary. However, Steve Jobs visited the Palo Alto Research Center and saw Xerox Star. He returned to Apple Computer and subsequently hired several of the original designers of Xerox Star.

  • Every technological device that requires user interaction employs a user interface.
  • For example, one can show or hide a window by clicking on an icon or a function button and can move a window by clicking on it and dragging it to a new position.
  • In this article, we provide an overview of what a graphical user interface is.
  • Common devices the public use on a daily basis include smartphones, computers and tablets, which all feature graphical user interfaces.

Graphical User Interfaces

The problem manifests when you don’t have any documents regarding GUI changes. TC 11 – Verify that user must not be able to type in the dropdown of «Superclass.» TC 10 – Verify that clicking on any radio button the default mouse pointer must be changed to the hand mouse pointer. Testing of the screen in different resolutions with the help of zooming in and zooming out like 640 x 480, 600×800, etc.

graphical user interface software

So accessing Swing objects from another thread requires using the event loop as a message-passing queue, to get back to the event-dispatch thread. Network delay on the event-dispatch thread – the UI is trying to fetch data from the network in response to your button press, and it hasn’t returned to the event loop to handle more input events yet. Too much work in the event-dispatch thread – the UI is doing a lot of computation in response to your button press, and it hasn’t returned to the event loop to handle more input events yet. Deadlock – two different parts of the UI are trying to acquire locks on the view tree, and are deadlocking with each other.

graphical user interface software

Instead, GUIs exploit the spatial separation provided by the view tree to provide functional separation as well. Mouse clicks and keyboard events are distributed around the view tree, depending on where they occur. the listener pattern, which is essential to decoupling the model from the view and controller. A GUI needs to group information using color to associate like items. Graphical boundaries are a very effective means to group like items, especially icons. Other highlighting techniques include reverse video, brightness, underlining, and flashing.

Application Specific Gui Components

graphical user interface software

Model based testing is an evolving technique for generating test cases from the requirements. Its main advantage, compared to above two methods, is that it can determine undesirable states that your GUI can attain. Does testing of functionally and logic of Application is not more than enough??

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Like the Xerox Star, the Apple Lisa was not commercially successful. In 1984, they developed the commercially successful software mantenimiento Apple Macintosh. In the broadest terms, the Macintosh’s GUI defined the look and feel of all GUIs today.

The invokeLater() drops this Runnable object at the end of the queue, and when Swing’s event loop reaches it, it simply calls run(). Thus the body of run() ends up run by the event-dispatch thread, where it can safely call observers and mutators on the view tree. But another important shared mutable datatype in your GUI is the view tree. In general, you cannot safely call methods on a Swing object from anywhere but the event-dispatch thread. Each listener does its thing (which might involve e.g. modifying objects in the view tree), and then returns immediately to the event loop. In a GUI, we don’t directly write this kind of method, because it’s not modular – it mixes up responsibilities for button, listbox, and textbox all in one place.

Learn how to create an effective cloud center of excellence for your company with these steps and best practices. By 1990, GUIs began to look more like those used on modern devices. Apple founder Steve Jobs saw it during a tour of Xerox and released a GUI-based operating system for the Macintosh in 1984. Long-running processing should be moved to a background thread, but the Swing view tree is confined to the event-dispatch thread.