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The Graphical User Interface


Graphical User Interfaces

So you should always listen for these high-level events, not the low-level input events. Use an ActionListener to respond to a JButton press, not a mouse listener. Examples include notifications of incoming messages, progress bars, tooltips, and pop-up windows. Advantages DisadvantagesMost operations are self-explanatory so that you do not have to remember lots of commands.

A menu bar, which is a horizontal bar that contains all the available menus in an application, normally appears at the top of an application screen. When a user selects a menu option, a pull-down menu will appear that contains all the functions within a selected menu. A context menu is a menu that is invisible until a user right-clicks the mouse button, after which the menu appears where the cursor is positioned. The Apple Lisa was released in 1983, and various windowing systems existed for DOS operating systems (including PC GEM and PC/GEOS). Individual applications for many platforms presented their own GUI variants.

Background Processing In Graphical User Interfaces

  • For several decades, GUIs were controlled exclusively by a mouse and a keyboard.
  • While these types of input devices are sufficient for desktop computers, they do not work as well for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Distinguishing characteristics of Motif include the three-dimensional appearance of its menu components and its use of the Window System.

Apart from the fact that it provides users with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and immediate visual feedback, a GUI also allows a user to open up multiple programs or instances and displays these simultaneously. As a GUI provides visual representations of commands, which can sometimes become quite complex, a user does not need to know or understand how these commands work. They simply select a button or an icon to call the relevant function. The ease of use of GUIs has made it possible for the public in general, regardless of experience or knowledge, to access all kinds of systems for everyday use.

Further details of Soundtrack can be found in Edwards and Edwards . It was never intended to compete with other word processors, it was only a research vehicle. Copies were made available and feedback was invited, but I do not believe anybody took to using it regularly. Nevertheless, it achieved its objective of demonstrating one way of making compra venta automoviles a GUI accessible through the fairly extensive evaluation I carried out. As a piece of academic research I was bound to be candid about its weaknesses and I think it is a bit unfortunate that it was the weaknesses that people picked up on. Soundtrack did demonstrate that mouse-based interactions could be transformed into a non-visual form.

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Despite the GUIs advantages, many reviewers questioned the value of the entire concept, citing hardware limits, and problems in finding compatible software. A button can be pressed either by the mouse or by the keyboard (which is important for people who can’t use a mouse, like blind users).