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Introduction To Jfc And Gui Programming In Java


The main body of the calendar uses a TableLayout manager with seven columns. The rows and columns are also set to overlap by a pixel to ensure that there is only a single-pixel line dividing the individual cells. Finally, each day in the calendar is represented using a VPanel with a Swing border attached. The exciting thing about the program is that it offers some very sophisticated features—GUI-based control, tabular formatting, and internationalization—and still fits in three pages of code. Such is the power of Java in which you have so many resources on which to draw.

graphical user interface java

3 1 How To Set The Layout Manager

The first step in creating a Swing application is to create a class that represents the main GUI. An object of this class serves as a container that holds all the other components to be displayed.

If multiple events are of the same type, you can use the same handler for all of them. For example, you could set both focusGained and focusLost to use the button1FocusChange handler since they are both of the type java.awt.event.FocusEvent. You can also use the same mantenimiento de flota handler for the same event on multiple components. Use the Connection wizard to set events between two components within a form without having to write code manually. Assists in setting events between components in a form without the need of writing code manually.

graphical user interface java

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The ButtonFrame class, shown in Listing 9.2, expands on the application framework created earlier in this lesson. A panel is created, three buttons are added to the panel, and then the panel is added to a frame. Enter the source code of Listing 9.2 into a new Java file called ButtonFrame in NetBeans, making sure to put it in the com.java21days package.

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Learning to create graphical applications with these packages is good practice for utilizing a class library in Java, which is something you’ll do often in your own projects. The CalendarDemo program makes use of the full range of capabilities described in this chapter.


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Two other packages that support GUI programming are java.awt, the Abstract Window Toolkit , and java.awt.event, event-handling software almacen classes that handle user input. Swing is the most extensive set of related classes introduced thus far in the book.

  • The main method(main()) routine of a GUI program creates one or more such components and display the on a computer screen.
  • Let’s begin by creating a simple user interface, one that enables us to perform basic input, output, and control operations with a minimum of Swing components.
  • We will call our GUI GreeterGUI, to suggest its interdependence with the Greeter computational object we used with the command-line interface.
  • For this example, we will limit our application to simply greeting the user, just as we did in designing our command-line interface.
  • This will allow us to demonstrate the basic principles and techniques of user-interface design and will result in a GUI that can be extended for more sophisticated applications.