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In Java applications, the components that comprise a GUI are stored in containers called forms. The Java language provides a set of user interface components from which GUI forms can be built. This article describes the Java-based version of the magnetic resonance user interface quantitation package. This package allows MR spectroscopists to easily perform time-domain analysis of in vivo MR spectroscopy data. We show that the Java programming language is very well suited for developing highly interactive graphical software applications such as the MRUI software. We have also established that MR quantitation algorithms, programmed in other languages, can easily be embedded into the Java-based MRUI by using the Java native interface .

graphical user interface java

5 2 How To Bind Data To A Swing Components

This new graphical user interface has been conceived for the processing of large data sets and uses prior knowledge data-bases to make interactive quantitation algorithms more userfriendly. So any GUI application will begin by constructing a JFrame object which forms the main window. Once the JFrame object is created, we can set its visible property to true by calling setVisible (‘true’). Then we can drag and drop the other components in this frame.

  • The Swing package, for example, offers a large set of interactor classes that support buttons, text fields, selectable lists, sliders, and much more.
  • The HPanel and VPanel classes make it easy to create complex assemblages of interactors by decomposing them hierarchically into rows and columns.
  • On the other, “industrial strength” layout managers like GridBagLayout have all the power you might want, but are extremely hard for beginners to learn.
  • The panel HPanel and VPanel classes, however, offer far more flexibility because they have the full power of the TableLayout class.
  • These classes and their constructor patterns appear in Figure 4-10.

Intro To Java Graphical User Interface (gui) Programming

AbsoluteLayout is a layout manager that is provided with the IDE. AbsoluteLayout enables components to be placed exactly where you want them in the form, move them around in the IDE, and resize them using their selection borders. It is particularly useful for making prototypes since there are no formal limitations and you do not have to enter any property settings. However, it is not recommended for production applications since software mantenimiento the fixed locations and sizes of components do not change with the environment. This trail tells you how to create graphical user interfaces for applications and applets, using the Swing components. If you would like to incorporate JavaFX into your Swing application, please seeIntegrating JavaFX into Swing Applications. This lesson’s first project is an application that displays a frame containing no other interface components.

graphical user interface java

The main method(main()) routine of a GUI program creates one or more such components and display the on a computer screen. Let’s begin by creating a simple user interface, one that enables us to perform basic input, output, and control operations with a minimum of Swing components. This will allow us to demonstrate the basic principles and techniques of user-interface design and will result in a GUI that can be extended for more sophisticated applications. For this example, we will limit our application to simply greeting the user, just as we did in designing our command-line interface. In other words, the user will be prompted to input his or her name, and the program will respond by displaying a greeting (Fig. 4.10).

We will call our GUI GreeterGUI, to suggest its interdependence with the Greeter computational object we used with the command-line interface. Using JFC we can add rich graphical functionality to applications and also make them more interactive. JFC contains a set of graphical components that can be easily plugged into our application and programmed as per our requirements. But programming these components usually takes only a few lines of code.

Advantages Of Graphical User Interfaces

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