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Graphic User Interface Faq


Note that the Image() element also has a key set so you can easily refer back to the element later. For more information on the Image() element, check out the documentation. This is what you use to identify a specific element in your GUI. For the In() input text control, you give it an identity of «-FOLDER-«. You’ll use this later to access the contents of the element. You can turn events on or off for each element via the enable_events parameter.

Introduction To Gui Programming With Tkinter¶

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One of the most popular graphing packages for Python is Matplotlib. Matplotlib can create all kinds of different graphs. If you’d like to know more about it, check out Python Plotting With Matplotlib . The last list, on lines 29 to 35, contains the code that controls how the elements are laid out on the screen. This code contains two Column() elements with a VSeperator() between them. You can learn more about how Column() and VSeperator() work by reading their respective documentation pages.

graphical user interface in python

This keeps the list control fresh and only showing the MP3s that you are currently working on. That also means that you need to re-insert all the columns again. To close a dialog, the recommended method is to call its .Destroy().

graphical user interface in python

Creating A Skeleton Application

read() returns any events that are triggered in the Window() as a string as well as a values dictionary. You’ll learn more about these in later sections of this tutorial. Here you set the tags to the contents of the text controls and then call the eyed3 object’s .save(). The reason you call .Close() here instead of .Destroy() is that you already call .Destroy() in the .on_edit() of your panel subclass. If the user has not selected anything in the list control, it will return -1. Assuming that the user did select something, you will want to extract the MP3 object from your dictionary and open a MP3 tag editor dialog. This will be a custom dialog that you will use to edit the artist, album, and title tags of the MP3 file.

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The first thing you need to do is get the user’s selection by calling the list control’s .GetFocusedItem(). Then you can loop over the MP3s and turn them into eyed3 objects. Assuming that the MP3s have the appropriate tags already, you can then add the artist, album, and title of the MP3 to the list control. Here you set the current directory to the specified folder and then you clear the list control.

  • A GUI is an attempt to represent the current state or configuration of a running system in a way that is intuitive and that the user can anticipate.
  • Such widgets can then be used as if they were standard widgets.
  • Each widget primarily responds to a particular type.
  • The goal is not to create a GUI that packs the most features into a single window, using tricks specific to the application.
  • The most common beginner’s mistake is trying to be too innovative.

Tkinter 8 5 Reference: A Gui For Python

There will be a lot of code for this example, but don’t worry. One of the demos on PySimpleGUI’s GitHub page is an image viewer. Being able to write your own custom image viewer with Python is fun. You can use this code to view your own photos or incorporate it to view photos that you download or read from a database. This example doesn’t really do much of anything other than possibly displaying a message to the user.