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Modern GUIs adhere to one of three de facto standards, which are the Apple Macintosh, the IBM SAA, and the MIT X-Windowing System. These standards are not perfect, but they are good enough to preclude major deviation.

Interaction Elements Of A Gui

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When the cursor is moved over the map, the position display is updated. To create a GUI application, you need to arrange appropriate widgets in a sensible way, and then provide code that handles user interaction. These two aspects of a GUI—the appearance and layout of widgets, and their response to user interaction—reflect the essence of GUI programming. On the other hand, the approaches proposed for GUI testing can also be used for other types of software applications with certain adjustments depending on the application area.

User Interface And Interaction Design

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The application responds to interaction with each widget in different ways. For example, when a new projection is selected, the map is redrawn.

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Some popular methods are described, specifically ones that create a model of the GUI and generate testcases based on the GUI model. When designing GUI, one need to keep the objectives of the GUI in mind and to generally avoid needless complexity .One must avoid useless innovation and concentrate on improvements that enhance performance. Future trends in GUI are toward voice recognition and hypertext format language . The hypertext trend allows the user to move directly from data and concepts in one application to similar data and concepts in other application. These trends will further remove the GUI as an obstacle between the user and the task. The primary goal of a GUI is to allow the user to concentrate on the task at hand. To do this, the GUI must make the interface between the human and the computer seamless.

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As mentioned earlier, if user–system interactions can be formulated in the form of events, most of the approaches proposed for GUI testing can be used. This chapter discusses recent advances in testing GUI-based software. It describes techniques that generate testcases for GUI-based applications.

graphical user interface for windows