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The buttons to control the tape may be marked PLAY, REWIND, FAST FORWARD, and STOP, giving further information. The observer now knows that the device has three functions, and a way of halting any of them. Think of the error message as an airbag—it minimizes damage once the accident has happened. You are far better off supplying the user with an anti-lock braking system, which might avoid the accident in the first place.

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If a device takes numerical input from a keypad, it may be necessary to reject an input if the value is illegal. If the numeric keypad is replaced with a dial, the dial can simply limit the range at its mechanical limits, avoiding the possibility of an illegal value being entered. Sometimes, the mechanical system will have intrinsic limits that cannot be violated—the top speed of a motor for a conveyer belt may be limited by the circuit driving it. However, using an internal mechanical or electrical limit can have the disadvantage that the user may believe that the belt is moving at the entered speed, instead of at the limiting speed. By limiting the user at the time of input, it is possible to give more accurate and meaningful feedback. One is usability by evaluation; the other is usability by principles. Usability by evaluation involves dissecting a design to find its strong and weak points with a view to making improvements.

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The tape deck has the affordance of something that can hold a tape. Until you examine the controls you do not know if this device is only for copying, or rewinding tapes, or whether it can actually play the tape. If speakers are visible, that will be a clue that it actually plays tapes.

graphical user interface pdf

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While this is a necessary part of the validation of any product, it is not the only way to invest in usability. Historically, a lot software almacen of usability work is done this way because usability is not considered until someone realizes that the product is hard to use.

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Nobody notices that it is hard to use until the product, or a sizable portion of it, has been built. The easy part of usability by evaluation is criticizing the current design; the difficult part is deciding what would improve it. The placement of knobs, buttons, and switches is as essential as the firmware to making a usable embedded system.

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