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Developing A Graphical User Interface


Future trends in GUI are toward voice recognition and hypertext format language . The hypertext trend allows the user to move directly from data and concepts in one application to similar data and concepts in other application. These trends will further remove the GUI as an obstacle between the user and the task. One needs to sequence information on the screen to facilitate the user. The presentation of information should follow the sequence that the user needs it. Common information needs to be in common locations across windows and GUI. The most important information needs to precede the lesser important information.

a graphical user interface displays

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The computer gave the user no indication what the user was to do next. A selection is a list of items on which user operations will take place. The user typically adds items to the list manually, although the computer may create a selection automatically. An icon is a small picture that represents objects such as a file, program, web page, or command.

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Miller showed that absolute identification using one-dimensional criteria was about seven items, plus or minus two. Miller introduced the concept of recoding as a method that people use to store information. Miller also pointed out that by expanding the identification criteria from one to more dimensions people could handle more choices and remember more. Later researchers expanded on Miller recoding to develop the concept that people chuck information together in order to remember more information . This research has direct impact on GUI design, especially concerning the number of menu items and icons. It solves the blank screen problem that confronted early computer users . These early users sat down in front of a computer and faced a blank screen, with only a prompt.

What are the two types of interfaces?

There are two common types of user interfaces on the display device: the command line interface (CLI), which contains text only, and the graphical user interface (GUI), which also includes images (e.g., windows, icons and menus).

Frequently utilized information or commands need to be in the most prominent location. The more general items should precede the more specific items. The goal of any GUI is to allow the user to work through the computer and application to concentrate on the primary cognitive task. Any attention devoted to the interface interferes with the main task . Once the user has a desired fixation point, there is a limit to the amount of information that the person can process at one time. A GUI design rule of thumb is that the range of options or choices should never be more than five or six .

a graphical user interface displays

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They are a quick way to execute commands, open documents, and run programs. Icons are also very useful when searching for an object in a browser list, because in many operating systems all documents using the same extension will have the same icon. A context menu is invisible until the user performs a specific mouse action, like pressing the right mouse button. When the software-specific mouse action occurs the menu will appear under the cursor.

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