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Benefits Of The Graphical User Interface


Sliders and spin buttons are used to change data that have a continuous range of values, giving users more control when choosing values. Moving the slider in one direction or the other (either left/right or up/down) increases or decreases the values. Figure below illustrates the use of sliders to change the amount of red, green, and blue when selecting a new color. Spin buttons are also used to change a continuous value and are shown to the right of the sliders. A list box displays several options that may be selected with the mouse. A drop-down list box is used when there is little room available on the page.

  • Technologies such as Flash, Java, JavaScript, and Silverlight enable interactions such as drag-and-drop, playing audio, drawing on the screen, and access to the keyboard and mouse.
  • Graphical user interface applications are self descriptive, feedback is typically immediate, and visual cues encourage and steer discoverability.
  • Visualization and interactivity are similarly beneficial elements in data analytics.
  • A web user interface, or web-based graphical user interface, refers to the interaction between a user and software running on a web server wherein the user interface is the web browser and the web page it downloaded and rendered.
  • The advantage of a graphical user interface is a stark improvement in useability for the average person.

In this way you can make it clear to users that they must decide among options. Choices are again listed to the right of the button, usually in some sequence. If there is a commonly selected option, it is usually selected as a default when the page first displays. Often there is a rectangle, called an option group, surrounding the radio buttons. If there are more than six option buttons, consider using a list box or a drop-down list box.

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a graphical user interface

Interaction Elements Of A Gui

It never says «bad command or file name», and always delivers some results, even if they are worse than what you expected. Because GUIs present all of the possible options at once, and highlights the most important ones. That’s why I use GUIs for many programs with command line options, instead of reading pages of manuals. When I’m an expert in it, then I prefer the console – but that takes a lot of time.

a graphical user interface

A single rectangle with an arrow points down toward a line located on the right side of the rectangle. Once a user makes a choice, it is displayed in the drop-down selection rectangle and the list box disappears. If there is a commonly selected choice, it is usually displayed in the drop-down list by default. A circle, called an option button or a radio button, is used to select exclusive choices.

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You can use the GNOME desktop, panel, applications, and tool set to customize your working environment and manage your system tasks. GNOME also provides an application set, including a word processor, a spreadsheet program, a database manager, a presentation tool, a Web browser, and an email program. This book describes how to use the command line interface to perform various system tasks. This chapter briefly describes the differences between the command line interface and the desktop environment. The user clicks on a point within an image and the corresponding x- and y-coordinates are sent to the program. Image maps are used when creating Web pages containing maps with instructions to click in a certain area in order to view a detailed map of the region. Sliders and spin buttons are two additional GUI components the analyst can use to design input screens.

a graphical user interface