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15 1. Graphical User Interfaces


Any primary cognitive task attention devoted to the interface may interfere with the primary task . One can derive basis GUI standards from basic human factors, however. These standards are the presentation of information, the grouping of information, and information sequencing. The retina of eye can only focus on about on a very small portion of a computer screen, or anything for that matter, at any one time . This is because, at a distance greater than 2.5 degrees from the point of fixation, visual acuity decreases by half. Therefore, a circle of radius 2.5 degrees around the point of fixation is what the user can see clearly.

What are the basic elements of GUI?

The basic GUI elements are:Check boxes.
Label buttons.
Radio buttons.
Text boxes.

X-Windows also works directly with networks, which allows the GUI display to be on one computer and the application that the user needs on another computer. It does not matter if the two computers are in different rooms or on different continents. It addition to the three common GUI components, X-Windows has a collect of application tools and utilities as a built in X-Library. Figure 2 illustrates a TCL/TK GUI that uses the X-Library utilities. Researchers at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center designed the first application with a GUI, the Xerox Star, in 1977. The Xerox Star was unique because the researchers carefully designed the computer human interface before they began designing the internal workings of the application. Unfortunately, the Xerox Star was too slow, and it was not commercially successful.

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The wheel directly binds the driver to the operation and functionality of the vehicle. When driving, a driver should not have to concentrate on the steering wheel.

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a graphical user interface displays

In the same way, the GUI binds the user of the computer system to the operation and potential of the computer system . A good GUI design removes the impediment of communication with the computer system and allows the user to work directly on the problem at hand .

How Does A Graphical User Interface Work?

a graphical user interface displays

At a conceptual level, a computer human interface is a «means by which people and computers communicate with each other» . One can make an analogy between a computer system’s GUI and a car’s steering wheel.

  • Although a few offer breath and diversity, many students graduate from universities that offer only one or two CHI courses.
  • A GUI allows a computer user to move from application to application .
  • As such, most students have a limited background in the various CHI areas.
  • This article offers a general overview in one area, graphical user interfaces .

For example, the early Macintosh Apple used the Trash Can icon as a metaphor for deleting files. However, one can pull items out of a trash can until the trash person comes. As another example, the Windows’95 GUI is the most modern of all GUI. One would expect it to be fairly well developed and relatively error free. However, of the approximately mantenimiento de flota 90 complaints with the Windows’95, none are performance complaints. They are all human factors type complaints, such as how to copy a file and how to get rid of annoying icons . Finally, people have so many complaints about the X-Windowing System, the third major GUI standard, that there is whole book about what is wrong with it .