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15 1. Graphical User Interfaces


What Is A Graphical User Interface (gui)?

The goal is to find coverage of GUI interactions and events by test instances of test inputs and test sequences with high defect detection likelihood. This would also mean that traditional test coverage criteria are probably not adequate any longer and have to be replaced by a more property- or situation-based test input generation. In addition, the automation of the test oracle would need a heuristic approach when testing complex GUIs to overcome their characteristics of unpredictable test outcomes.

1 Graphical User Interfaces¶

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Of course, text characters will probably always be involved at some point (for example, doing a web search or writing that blog article would be super hard using just icons!). One could learn a programming language like Python, Ruby, Java, Dot Net and many more to develop different types of applications. As said above, there are a lot of standards and GUI delines for a programmer to design and develop a GUI. A good GUI provides a lot of freedom to users like backtracking to the last step. A user with no computer knowledge can literally start learning about the machine because of GUI as it provides scope for users to explore and provides discoverability. This is particularly inconvenient because you have to literally feed-in commands for each and every action. If there is no GUI, we have to open a command prompt and add the application command line Interface and feed instructions to start an application, run the video player, etc.

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The more intuitive the GUI, the more efficient are the user activities. Users appreciate efforts to make each day-to-day task as fast and easy as possible and to automate any repetitive actions. For rare tasks like cable fault localization and specific events analysis, the user appreciates the ability to easily gauge the usage of specific facilities and procedures. MBT tends to generate a large amount of test cases which will become impractical even if executed automatically for future GUIs. On the contrary side testing needs to withstand the coverage of the exponential growth of GUIs comprising more and more features. Thus, testing GUIs will require even more emphasis to optimize and minimize test suites in the future.

What is a disadvantage of GUI?

7. WIMP or GUI InterfaceAdvantagesDisadvantagesIt is easy to explore and find your way around the system using a WIMP/ GUI interfaceThey need significantly more memory (RAM) to run than other interface typesYou do not have to learn complicated commandsThey use more processing power than other types of interface4 more rows

Once you understand how GUI programming works, you should be able to learn how to use any of the other available toolkits without much difficulty. Graphic interface design – Developing the actual look and feel of the final GUI. User interface design is critical to the success of a system, and it should be part of the original design concepts for the system. Unless you’ve been living in the jungle for the last 30 years like our primate friends, you’ve probably heard of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X, both of which are operating systems that come with their own GUIs. Some other GUIs currently used include Chrome OS, GNOME, and KDE, which are GUIs for Linux , and Android . The main idea is to present self-explanatory (or at least guessable!) picture-like doodads, so that simply moving them around and clicking will result in user joy.


  • These aspects can be emphasized by using the alternative term and acronym for windows, icons, menus, pointing device .
  • This effort culminated in the 1973 Xerox Alto, the first computer with a GUI, though the system never reached commercial production.
  • The PARC user interface employs a pointing device along with a keyboard.
  • The concept of icons was later introduced by David Canfield Smith, who had written a thesis on the subject under the guidance of Kay.
  • Computer software applications, such as word processing and spreadsheet packages, typically use the set of GUI elements built into the operating system and then add other elements of their own.

In the above screen, if you want to access or start an application, say a video player, then all we need is to click the VLC Media player icon using the pointer. Yes, GUI helps the user to understand the functionalities present within the computer through Graphical icons and a click on the icon initiates the action and the desired communication of the user.